Hello Blogging World!

Well, if you’ve gotten here, you’ve just stumbled on my first attempt at blogging.   Apologies for that.  I do hope to learn more about the blogging tools and such at WordPress as I go on and I also hope that future posts will contain somewhat more content than this initial posting.

So, why LiquidThinker?  Well, besides the blatant attempt at needing to come up with just something, there is something of a context in which to place the name.  In a previous life, I had done nuclear structure research, in which a nucleus is thought of something as a liquid drop.  In my current life as a software developer, changing requirements, design, etc., require something in the way of “liquid” thinking.  In addition, water in its liquid form does tend to erode away rock.  I like to see this analogy in terms of Enlightenment “liquid thinking” as eroding away solid and unchanging dogma as represented by a religious mindset (Yes, I realize that the solid phase of water does tend to crack rock as well, but let’s not over analyze this, eh?).

As might be guessed by the above introductory paragraph, topics posted here may range wildly from science (probably mostly physics) to software development to atheism, to perhaps whatever else strikes my fancy.  If, as I go on with this, things get out of hand, I may diverge topics into separate blogs. We’ll just see how this goes. Current events suggest (as I’ll delve into in a later post) that my initial posts will probably deal more with atheism and politics.

Posting frequency? Well, I do have a long hours full time job (see above about software development) and a part time job commuting to my full time gig.  There are also innumerable side projects in which I am involved. So why in the world am I adding blogging to my projects list?  It is quite likely I have gone insane and not yet realized it.  But the long shot of this is that I’ll keep posting as regularly as possible, but there may be a lull here and there.  This is an interesting experiment for me and we’ll see how it works out.

Why yet another blog (YAB)?  Certainly many other people are blogging about many of the topics about which I’ll be posting, and quite possibly writing much better than I.  I hope that I will find that I might be able to to contribute something useful to the discussions.  Time will tell.  In keeping with the liquid thinking theme as well, more water pusing against the dam of dogma we can hope will break it down thus allowing the currents of the Enlightment to course though our civilization.



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