At last, the last debate!

Well, that was the last debate between Obama and McCain tonight. Although nothing groundbreaking, I’m glad Obama addressed some of the frustrating deceitful nastiness that McCain et al have been dishing out. I am also happy that Obama put earmarks in their proper perspective. I’m also not sure what McCain has got against planetariums.  I almost thought he was going to go after the bears again. One may argue whether or not planetarium upgrades should be an earmark or not, but there seems to be a disturbing anti-intellectualism or anti-science streak in McCain’s attacks. Obama, in my opinion, seemed far more presidential and broader thinking, and even on the controversial subject of abortion seemed willing to try to be pragmatic about working with those with whom he disagrees.

Well, for those eager for more Tina Fey, no worries. If Obama wins (we hope), Palin will be lurking for the next 4 years in her Alaska lair, plotting her revenge against the evil “gotcha media”, you-betcha.


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