Those Evil Atheists

In my first post stating why atheism is an important topic to address in the public sphere, there was one act of bigotry against atheism which I had not included.  I aim to redress that now, as a special ongoing case.  I am, admittedly somewhat late in addressing this, but maybe someday, I’ll actually have a sane schedule. 🙂

Kay Hagan, running for Senate from North Carolina, against Elizabeth Dole attended a fundraiser given by politically active atheists Wendy and Woody Kaminer.  This did not sit well with Dole, who went on the attack, specifically criticizing the fact that she was cavorting with anti-religious types.  One of my favorite bloggers, came to Hagan’s defense and he was attacked by Dole; see here and here (and contained links). Dole lumps all us atheists as

“the most vile, radical liberals in America”

. I had no idea that I was among the most vile radical liberals in America, or that I wanted to “eliminate the Christmas holiday”. I really need to catch up on all the memos from Atheist Headquarters.

So, along with EbonMuse, I urge everyone to contribute to Hagan’s campaign and let her know why. I’ll be donating as well.


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