A 6th Sense: I see unqualified people

Browsing around here, I found an interesting link to this interesting opinion from Alaska which states that “Sarah Palin is One Unreal Alaskan” written by Seth Kantner from Alaska. It is an insightful read from a real Alaskan and he really seems to know what he is talking about. I recommend heading on over.

Like Vjack at the Atheist Revolution, I found it interesting that many in Alaska, like Palin, find themselves in positions for which they are not qualified. But it seems to me that Alaskans are hardly unique in this regard. From the stupidity at various companies I’ve experienced, to the cause of our financial market troubles, to our current occupant of the White House, I always see people totally unqualified to be in positions they currently hold. Maybe that’s one of the problems our nation is facing. Of course, even then, I’ve rarely seen anyone aspiring to such a high office that has exhibited such a narrow shallowness of knowledge and lack of any curiosity about the world around her as Palin. That should, in my book, disqualify her from the start.


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