Day of Ba’al

Prayer to Wallstreet Ba'al

Prayer to Wallstreet Ba'al

From Wonkette, we should all have some more consumer confidence now as today is the “Day of Prayer for the World’s Economies”. I’m sure it will do a lot of good at shoring up the fundamentals of our economy. Considering that the last time God’s chosen people decided to worship a metal bovine (Exodus 32), they had to drink powdered gold (is this how banks will liquidate assets?) and 3000 people were killed, I’d be worried if I were these spiritual warriors. Perhaps Christians ought to read their Bible more often. I suppose though, that would just make more atheists.

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3 Responses to “Day of Ba’al”

  1. Bud Green Says:

    Silly Christians, their prayers will never be heard if they don’t burn incense and leave an offering.

  2. watercat Says:

    hi. Nice blog you got here. I’m here from KG. This Baal thing is hilarious.

  3. liquidthinker Says:

    Watercat — Thanks! Still haven’t had the time to fully configure (seems most of the time I’ve got to spare on it, I’m just writing posts) this blog the way I’d like, but eventually…

    Bud Green– If you are planning on helping them with the offering, don’t forget the lesson of Cain and Abel. God prefers meat.

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