International Action Needed in Romania

As more religious fundamentalists seek to undermine freedom of speech by demanding that others “respect” religious beliefs by doing nothing that would be considered offensive to those beliefs, action to defend open discussion is needed.

From American Atheists we learn that there is just such a movement in Romania to stifle freedom of speech and that the Romanian Humanists are asking for help.

From the second link:

An information release from the Romanian Humanists warns: “Should this article be adopted by the Chamber of Deputies, it would impose serious limitations on the fundamental liberties of the human being of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. Books, works of art, movies, plays, concerts and rock groups could then be easily banned. To all those who treasure the freedom, the critical intellect, and religious tolerance of values which have become dominant in Europe after centuries of religious conflict and persecution, this new censorship is unacceptable.”

Please help if you can.


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