Questions for John McCain

As we finally near the end of this most ludicrous political season, there’s a few questions I’d love to see John McCain answer before people walk into the polls next Tuesday.

  • Why is it when you are called out on your lies such as Obama supposedly supporting sex education for kindergarten kids you simply stick to the lie? Question for the media: Why don’t you pursue the issue after he stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that he lied?
  • Why is it that after Obama has repeatedly stated, and charts clearly show, that he plans on decreasing taxes (more than you in many cases) for the majority of Americans, you stubbornly insist the opposite? Do you have evidence to contradict Obama? If so, stop with the empty rhetoric already and show the evidence plainly.
  • Why do you think planetariums are foolish?
  • Recently on Fox News, you stated that choosing Palin was a “cold political calculation” and was pleased that she excited the base.  Was this an example of “Country First” or “John McCain First?”
  • In the same interview referred to in the last point, you stated that she is a “direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda in America”.  Could you clearly state please, what you think the liberal feminist agenda in America actually is?  Why is it a bad thing? Back your answers up with evidence. Also how do you expect to see Palin oppose it?

Those are questions which, off the top of my head, I would love to ask McCain if I had the opportunity.  Feel free to add your own in the comments. My friends, 🙂 last I looked Obama seems to be dropping slightly in the polls. It baffles me why, after such campaign as he has run, McCain should have any significant showing in the polls at all. Are we, as Americans, really this disconnected from reality?


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