Prop 8 Revisited

So, I went out for my run this morning/afternoon here in sunny California and noticed that a few neighbors had Vote Yes on Prop 8 signs. I had not realized that my own neighbors were buying into tyranny. I also noticed that they urged people to check out the Protect Marriage web site. Being the fair minded guy that I am, I did just that.

Of course, the first thing I wondered was, protect marriage from…what exactly? Two people of the same gender taking part in it? How does this protect marriage? I would think that by allowing two people who love each other and want to have a family to get married would strengthen the institution of marriage. Well, the first thing I see on the web site was a little flash slide which said, “Voting Yes on Prop. 8 means restoring traditional marriage.”. Now we’re getting somewhere. Wait a minute. I have a so-called traditional marriage. How exactly would not allowing same gendered folks from getting married restore my marriage, which, by the way, doesn’t really need restoring? Was traditional marriage somehow abolished when I wasn’t looking? Why does it need to be restored?

The next thing I saw on the web site was the Marriage Pledge. This has a series of questions starting with “Do you believe marriage should be between a man and a woman” and ends up with a pledge to support Prop. 8. Each question has a checkbox for choices to select. Of course, the checkbox options are “I do” and…wait..there’s only “I do”. They are obviously trying to make some cutesy analogy to a wedding ceremony, but what the hell is the point of checkbox choices if there is only 1 option? This is emblematic of the entire Proposition 8 movement. The removal of choices. The enforcement of bigoted tyranny by a theocratic mindset. Yes, if you look at the blog on their site, everything is church (should the IRS look into this?) and Bible College supported. Specifically by Dr. Phillip Goudeaux, Senior Pastor of Calvary Christian Center, Riverside Wesleyan Church in Sacramento, Dr. John Goetsch of West Coast Baptist College, Cornerstone Church in Fresno, First Baptist Church in Fresno, and more. They refer to churches busing people in to rallies. Make no mistake, this is a blatant attempt of religious intrusion into government.

Of course, the other point they hit several times is the same rubbish offered on the television commercials. That now our children will have to be taught about same sex marriage. I understand that this is actually not true in California, but even if it was, so what? If we ever have kids, that will not even be on the radar. If same gendered couples can get married, where is the actual harm in children being aware of that reality? I don’t know but perhaps it may actually help in removing some of the anti-gay type of language often heard in early school that may lead to bigoted attitudes later in life.


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8 Responses to “Prop 8 Revisited”

  1. Heavenly Says:

    I agree with what you are saying.

    I voted No on 8 and I am very happy that I did. People should really look hard at this Yes on 8 and what they are really saying.

    If they truly want to ‘RESTORE’ traditional marriage then what do they have in plan to fight all those divorces we have every year or stopping newly turned 18 year old kids from going to their local town hall to get married to someone they’ve known for less than a week. Or kids raised in a abusive home to two straight parents that may have some kind of substance abuse.

    Two same gender couple is not the down fall of traditional marriage.

    What about their kids and family structure? Should we not care about them? Actually what is traditional marriage? Do all straight people practice traditional marriage? I would think not.

    I should know I am a straight person.

  2. Jesse Says:

    Allow me to preface my comment with a comment someone left on my blog:

    “I have noticed that those opposed to Prop 8 think it is a “claim that should this proposition be defeated, gay marriage will be taught in public schools.”

    I can attest to you that as a credentialed K-8 CA Public School Teacher with a Masters degree in teaching that should this proposition fail, gay marriage will most definately seep its way into the curriculum.

    Of course you would not have been taught about gay marriage while you were in school because at that time it was not adopted as part of the State Framework and Standards. The CA State Education Standards are constantly being revised (the most recent adoption occuring in 2005) and I can assure you that it is only a matter of time before homosexual marriage will become a thread in the history-social-science curriculum.

    Currently the Second grade history-social science standards include Standard 2.1, which is a lengthy, unit long study on the Family- Past, Present, and Future.

    When MA legalized gay marriage why do you think students in the primary grades were read a book about two princes getting married? It is because it became part of the curriculum and thus the teachers were expected to teach to these curriculum standards. This being one way to do it- through the use of a fairy tale.”

    Yes, it is wrong to teach that same-sex marriage is normal to children in elementary school. This right should be reserved solely for parents. Period. And if you would truly look into what is happening in Massachusetts, it is very disheartening. It really lays waste to the claims of Prop 8 opponents that the schools will never teach about same-sex marriage.

    Yes on 8, No on Hate.

    God bless.

  3. Heavenly Says:

    I don’t see what is wrong with showing that there are different types of families in this world. Just like there are different races, cultures, and traditions.

    Closing your child to the world around them does not keep them safe. It in fact teaches them to judge people, to be fearful or others, and to hate what is different from them.

    Right now in schools across our country kids are being raised in same sex families and trust me kids do talk about in their families in the classrooms with their classmates.

    So should we be teaching those kids that they should be a shamed of their families because they are different?

    Also why is it okay to force any kind of religion onto another person?
    Christians say in their religion marriage is between a man and a woman, but this isn’t about religion this is about allowing people to have the same rights under the law just like anyone else, no matter what race, sex, or religion they are.

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  5. liquidthinker Says:

    It may come as no surprise that I’m going to have to agree with Heavenly on this one. It is a matter of being tolerant of diversity and showing from an early age that such tolerance is encouraged in our diverse society.

    So, Jesse, what is the problem then with parents simply saying to kids, “It is true that these different types of marriages are allowed by law, but it is not allowed in the specific religion your mother (or father) and I believe. But not everybody believes the same way. And that’s fine.” Heavenly is right; kids are now being raised by same sex couples and in many cases kids are already aware of the situation.

    There is some more recent discussion at Cosmic Variance which also has a link to a discussion concerning same gender marriage in Canada. The social fabric of Canada has not unraveled in spite of the greater extension of basic civil liberties.

  6. Jesse Says:

    Yes, kids are going to learn about this stuff at school, regardless of whether it’s taught or not. However, can you imagine how confusing it would be to a child to be taught by his parents at home that same-sex marriage is wrong, and then to go to school and be told by his teachers and peers that his parents are the wrong ones, and that there is nothing at all wrong with same-sex marriage?

  7. liquidthinker Says:

    Jesse — That’s why it is important that kids be taught the context. That certain types of marriages may be considered wrong from a specific religious point of view. A point of view that not everybody shares. I do know of one guy whose kid is aware of same sex marriages and the kid’s reaction was basically, “yeah, so?”. It just wasn’t that big of a deal.

    As an addendum to this, while going to the store today, there were several “Vote Yes on 8” demonstrators on various street corners urging people to honk if they agreed. The demonstrators were positively gleeful and many cars were blaring their horns. I don’t think I’ve ever personally witnessed such glee at the prospect of stripping away the rights of others. It was saddening. But no matter what happens Tuesday, I do think and hope that in the long run history will view those demonstrators as having been on the wrong side.

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