And the journey begins with Obama!

Not sure if it is legal to blog while celebrating, but here goes:

Well, the presidential election is more or less over and we can look forward to America moving forward again. Obama has taken it! Those who may have my earlier posts on the subject may not be surprised that I firmly believe he earned it. Many more have become active in the political process for this adventure. I hope that they will not forget the lessons learned and will keep active in moving our country forward in positive and enlightened direction. We should not take things for granted either. Obama is a gifted leader, but we need to hold his feet to the fire as well. In his excellently articulated and moving speech, he has expressed the willingness to listen to and work with those opposed to his proposals. From his history, this is what I’d expect. Bush has accrued too much power in the executive branch (Presidential Directive, decision to go to war with Iraq, etc.) under the blank eyes of a rubber stamp congress. Although it is usually not the tendency for offices to relinquish power gained, I hope Obama will help to restore the totality of the system of checks and balances the founding fathers wisely built into our system which Bush has diminished.

McCain gave a gracious concession speech. I was impressed. Before this campaign, I thought most of the Democrats, including Obama, would be a better President, but I still didn’t think McCain was that bad and I still don’t think he’s a bad person. But his campaign, while trying to appeal to the base, totally put me off. In addition to which, I, along with many others, firmly believe he demonstrated extraordinarily poor judgment in the selection of Palin, and I fear we’ll be seeing her again in 2012…u-betcha!

It is a mixed bag. With 24% of the precincts reporting in California, Proposition 8 is winning 53% to 47%. That does not look promising and I am very disappointed with my fellow Californians. I’ll keep checking now and then, but it looks as though we still have work to do moving forward with the Enlightenment, but I do now have hope that we’ll eventually get there. In some way, America has demonstrated an intent on moving forward.

But now for important matters. A celebratory beer! Well, another one anyway…:)

If there’s any fun and memorable moments in this election you’d like to share, leave ’em in the comments…

Forgot to mention: Kay Hagan beat Dole in North Carolina. Another bright spot in this election.


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