Rick Warren, a bad start

In a move that can only be described as interesting, well, interesting and atrocious, Obama selected Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church here in Southern California, to deliver the inaugural prayer. Rick Warren, of course, if famous for wanting to deny gay people their rights. He is perhaps slightly less famous for another bigoted statement in stating that anyone running for President must believe in God. How belief in God actually translates into good governing skills this theocrat does not actually explain because, of course, it is nonsense.

In fact, the whole idea of an inaugural prayer itself makes me nervous, bordering as it does upon an official recognition of religion. I would prefer to do away with the practice all together, but perhaps this is not change Obama believes in. Another option would be to give a nod to the fictitious nature of the matter by doing something a little more recognizable to the general public as fiction. Say perhaps, a Jedi knight wishing for the Force to be strong with the new administration.


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    […] There was the religious movement to deny gay people their rights in California. We have Rick Warren selected to give the inaugural address. The Friendly Atheist also mentions the fact that 3 of the Republican […]

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