Education sabotage

Over at Greg Laden’s blog we have some ominous information gleaned from Mike Haubrich about the Deception Discovery Institute’s latest nefarious scheme to sabotage education. Apparently, they want to use the occasion of Darwin’s birthday on Feb. 12 to encourage students to disrupt biology classes by “challenging” evolution. Naturally, if this happens (and I actually doubt very much will happen, really) students will probably get into trouble for their behavior and the Discovery Institute will have a horse to back.

From their site:

On Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday (February 12th, 2009), students everywhere can speak out against censorship and stand up for free speech by defending the right to debate the evidence for and against evolution. In 2009, let’s make “Darwin Day” Academic Freedom Day!

Ah, yes. Academic “Freedom”. The freedom to challenge well established scientific principles with superstitious nonsense. The freedom to declare science a complete postmodernistic democracy where every truth is as valid as any other truth. Where objects can start moving on their own just as easily as stay at rest. The freedom to say, “Hey, all of outer space really is cocentric spheres set around the earth.”.

You know, with a name like the “Discovery” Institute, one might get the impression that they are trying to actually discover something. Actually doing experiments and observations to find evidence to support their hypothesis that the fingerprints of a designer will be found in the details. But they don’t. They don’t because they can’t. Their god is a god of the gaps (or a god of the wedges) and they have no evidence to help them. They know this. So, what they discover is new ways to disrupt education, using the kids as pawns and eating through scarce education resources in legal battles.

Occasionally, I am asked about why I am opposed to religion. Sure, one could imagine ways to be opposed to good science education, but historically and consistently, religion has stood in the way of scientific advancement and education. There are, of course a few exceptions, but overall the record stands. If people kept religion as a private matter, there would be no problem. Again, historically it just never works out this way. Religion poisons everything, divides people and then dumbs them down. We can no longer afford to be dumbed down.

All of which reminds me. Someone I know did visit the Deception Discovery Creation Museum and bought as a gift for me a copy of the book “Darwin’s Demise”. So far I’ve avoided wasting precious time reading it. Perhaps though, I should give it a look and give it a good panning here.


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