The blue legacy

Coral reef gleaned from google.

Coral reef gleaned from Google.

Well, we’ve come down to the last day of Bush’s Reign of Incompetence. I don’t know about you, but I’ll have a small little party at the house to celebrate. Eight years of misdirection, secrecy, lies, and extremely bad choices. But there was one glimmer of hope. At least one pearl amidst the muck. The Decider’s decision to set aside 3 large national monuments in the Pacific ocean. I’ve blogged about this upcoming decision before. It is great news that this has been signed into law.

There are quite a few environmentalists who state that this does not make for the the years of neglect and outright havoc wreaked by this administration on the environment. Very true. But it is, at least, something positive on which we can build. Something perhaps that Obama can use. In fact, not too long ago, a plea went out asking Obama to stop eating fish. He really could use the Presidency as a bully pulpit to call attention to the plight of our oceans and to effect changes to reverse the course of destruction of the oceanic environment.

I know you’re wondering what you can do to leverage these beginning steps towards preserving a blue legacy and to have healthy oceans. One of the simplest things of course is to minimize use of plastic and to recycle otherwise. The oceans are full of the stuff, also discussed here. The other is to minimize the amount of fish you eat and to use the Marine Steward Ship as a resource into deciding what fish to eat that are coming from sustainable fisheries. Be sure to check for the MSC blue label when buying fish.

Fish are a healthy source of protein (when not laced with all the pollutants we’ve dumped in the oceans, of course), but if we’ve killed them all off, that’s not going to be very helpful. I hope we’ll see some more leadership from Obama in this area. I realize that he’s got a lot on his plate and am realistic about just how much he can accomplish, but the power of the bully pulpit to influence public thinking is something he could do right now.



12 Responses to “The blue legacy”

  1. Aka Sha Says:

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  2. Jojo Mahipos Says:

    I am also a nature lover person, and i am so very happy that a person like you cares so much our ecology. thank you, keep it up!

  3. kkkkk Says:

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  4. indu Says:

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  5. krish Says:

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  6. marieanne m. ocana Says:

    what kind of fish is this??…..

  7. marieanne m. ocana Says:

    it’s so nice fish…..

  8. jos Says:

    @marieanne it’s a parrot fish. they eat them here (Barbados). looks heart-breaking on the plate

  9. Jack Says:

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  10. ben dover Says:

    fuck this faggot ass site. and jack is a queermo. i hate tree huggers

  11. Robbie Says:

    Its not a parrotfish its a naso tang 😀

  12. alize Says:

    this is the most beutiful tank ive seen

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