Don’t pray for me Argentina

As I struggle to find posting time in the midst of hectic pressing schedules and all, I thought I could at least offer a few thoughts on one of the latest bits of news circulating the web. No, it’s not about Andrew Lloyd Webber. The title just seemed to flow. Rather, a nurse is facing disciplinary review for calling attention to her righteousness by praying for a patient over his understandable objections. I for one, would not want a medical professional doing magical incantations to cure me; I want them doing their job.

Look, if I am in the hospital and you want to show your concern, fluff my pillows, find something interesting on t.v. for me to watch (good luck with that one), bring in an ipod with cool tunes, or make sure my medication is in order and life signs are good. Prayer is the most useless activity you can do.

I understand that if you are a Christian friend and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, you can possibly do to be useful (even company is usually appreciated, so I don’t even see that as a likely situation), you may feel the delusion that prayer is at least something of use you can do. Said around me, this will simply make me sad that you persist in your delusion. So now I’ll be bed-ridden, sick, and sad. You don’t want that.

But if you are a medical professional, please stick to modern medicine. No anointing with oil, no chants, sacrificed goats, or prayers. If there is some compulsion to prayer, you will give your patient (at least this one) confidence if it is not seen and is done during a personal break.

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