To think I’m from Florida

You know, I’m going to have to stop telling people that I grew up in Florida. Stories like this are just a sad embarrassment for my fondly remembered state. From the Florida Citizens for Science:

State Sen. Stephen Wise of Jacksonville announced through an article in the Florida Times Union that he plans to file a bill this legislative session to require evolution to be balanced with a discussion of intelligent design. Yes, require. Not just allow, but to require. Of course, we have to wait for the bill to be filed so we can see the actual language. Sometimes news accounts tweak what people say just a little bit, but then the whole meaning changes. Sometimes the person interviewed isn’t clear enough when talking to reporters.

Perhaps the bill won’t require the teaching of intelligent design. But if it does, I have to wonder if Sen. Wise has all of his marbles. A similar move was made in Pennsylvania. It didn’t go well for the intelligent design folks at all. They lost in a federal court case. The local school district was stuck with a million dollar legal bill. School board members were voted out of office. Intelligent design as a challenge to evolution went down in flames because of its clearly religious roots and purpose.

This is a serious WTF moment. The ironically named Senator Wise wants non-science nonsense taught on an equal footing with science. Why don’t we teach the kids astrology in their astronomy class, alchemy alongside chemistry, and rain dances in physical science when they learn about weather? Perhaps in World History class, the students can learn all about the Hobbits and the defeat of Sauron. Intelligent design, for the 10**101 time is not science and that is precisely why it does not belong in a science class. It is obsolete thinking based on lazy minds so wrapped up in wishful dogmatic thinking that they are all too willing to stop asking questions and investigating.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the ID-iots and creationists are designed with Teflon coating. No matter how many times the evidence is shown for evolution, or how many times it is explained how real science works, or how many times it is definitively shown how vacuous intelligent design arguments are, nothing ever ever seems to stick.


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