Mr. Obama, build up this wall!

A recent perusal of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State has a recent article detailing Obama’s apparent reluctance of reversing Bush’s allowance for religious organizations to keep hiring discrimination even in the face of receiving government support. As noted, this was also reported in the LA Times.

From Americans United, Rob Boston writes:

As a candidate, Obama promised to end the noxious Bush order allowing religious discrimination in tax-funded programs. The rules that Bush overturned with his directive, I should note, were put in place by President Franklin D. Roosevelt; they were one of the nation’s first efforts to get serious about civil rights protections. Roosevelt was right to put that order in place, and Bush was wrong to change it. Americans United intends to keep pushing until Obama understands that.

Excellent for Americans United; I can always count on them. I understand the motivation to help those who are helping others, but if an organization is to receive federal dollars, they need to follow federal guidelines. To not wish to work with someone qualified simply because they may believe differently than you is childish. It is, as Paul writes, time to put away childish things. The important thing is to get the work done.

In fact, there are many secular organizations the government could be helping. To supply funding to religious organizations, no matter the motivation, undermines the wall of separation between church and state. I do not think that theists would appreciate the possibility of government intrusion into their religion, and many of us do not appreciate religion intruding into our government. These are two tastes that do not go well together. Historically, this mixture has been fraught with peril and horror. So it would be better to just do away with the government supported faith based initiative completely. Mr. Obama, build up that wall! (To be clear, the wall is already there. It needs to be made impermeable. But, “Obama, make that wall impermeable!” seems to lack some of the dramatic oomph.)

While you are at, President Obama, you may want to consider giving up smoking. It will help your basketball game.


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