A great pyramid scam

After getting home this Saturday night, I popped on the ol’ television out of curiosity. The History Channel had a show on “Ancient Astronauts”. So, I thought this ought to be amusing for a few minutes. You could cut the credulity with a knife.

Apparently, the pyramid is an amazing structure. How could lowly humans possibly come up with it? Why are these mysterious pyramid shapes found throughout the world? It would seem that the narrators of this fine enlightening show had not gotten around yet to considering the possibility that a pyramid structure is, in fact, the most stable large structure, at least in a place with gravity (which most spots on the Earth have), that could be built with technology possessed by ancient peoples. This is discussed in more detail here. How they were built is not a mystery either, as discussed here.

The most hilarious bit though, was what was said immediately prior to my changing the channel (I just couldn’t take any more entertainment). Apparently, two of the pyramids have the same perimeter. How, some strangely unimaginative person queried, could this possibly be done? Clearly, the implication is that ancient Egyptians were utterly incapable of either working from a set design or even measuring the perimeter of the pyramid to figure out what to make the perimeter of the next one and plan accordingly. Amazing. By this logic, 747 jets are designed and built by extraterrestrials, along with cars, and cookie cutter houses. It was immediately after this I figured I should see what else was on.

Do they really think humans were so incapable of figuring anything out, even back in the days of the ancient Egyptians? Why is it that every time somebody can’t figure out how something was done, or sees some fanciful drawings, extraterrestrials are immediately invoked by some? Now, if they found a clear extraterrestrial skeleton (or its equivalent) in a pyramid, or some piece of alien technology clearly not of human origin, then we’d have something. Until then, give our a species a little credit, eh? We’re not perfect and are still learning, but we’ve always been pretty good problem solvers.


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