Quit reading this

and go outside for a walk. Recent research suggests that it is beneficial for the brain to go chill with nature for a while.

They found this out by performing an experiment that they published in the journal Psychological Science. They gave volunteers memory and attention tests and then sent them out on a walk. Sometimes they got instructions to walk in the university’s urban home of Ann Arbor and other times they walked through a nearby arboretum.

Berman says they then tested their memory and attention again and “found that when the participants returned from the nature walk, they showed a 20 percent improvement (in the tests) but showed no improvement when they returned from the urban walks.”

I’m not a psychologist, but what the report seems to be saying that when you pay attention to stuff because you have to, it tends to wear you out more, with the additional stress on the brain reducing optimization for things like memory. But the brain seems to be interested in nature without any artificial effort (one may speculate some evolutionary aspect to this, I suppose) and this seems to be more relaxing and thereby improving cognitive skills.

It would certainly explain why I’m so stressed out all the time. What was I talking about?

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