A galactic apology

As a final note for strange happenings on or around April 1, I should mention a paper recently uncovered on arxiv.org . Apparently, somebody has arranged a cluster of galaxies to spell out “We apologize for the inconvenience”. From the paper:

On the other hand, many would attribute a much deeper meaning
to the appearance of this cluster. Firstly, the occurrence of these
phenomena could potentially lend support to some of the more exotic
models for Dark Energy or modified gravity, if they are able to
predict such structures. More controversially, as most occurrences
of English sentences are considered to be the work of intelligent
beings, the existence of these messages might indicate intelligent
life beyond our own. The scale of the messages would require a
lifeform with abilities far beyond those currently possessed by humans,
and even beyond those which we could realistically expect
to acquire; implying the existence of an intelligent being with extraordinary
powers. Indeed, another appearance of exactly the same
message has been previously reported in the hotly debated work by
Adams (1985), where the text is interpreted as God’s final message
to His creation.

Would Somebody care to explain this?


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