The silly party

Silly walks for a silly party

Silly walks for a silly party

I didn’t really have the time to blog about it, but I’m sure you have all heard about the conservative Republicans latest experiment with tea bagging (also here and yet another unique take). Without delving into particulars of what this can be taken to mean, allow me simply to say that this exhibits right wing cluelessness at countless levels. The motivation was, of course, to emulate the Boston Tea Party. This was an event at which some of the individuals associated with the American Revolution dressed nominally as Indians and dumped tea into the harbor to protest British taxes on tea imposed with no representation from the colonies. The only thing in common with this week’s tea party was that it involved tea (though had nothing to do with a tea tax) and was about taxes. Taxes legislated, by the way, from our representative government.

I saw a clip on the Daily Show in which a “tea-bagger” was asked about this. He said that he was not represented. More specifically, he added, his views were not “represented”. This fellow needs to retake civics class in high school, as he obviously flunked it while utterly and studiously failing to learn what a representative government is. What is more funny is that this individual will probably see a tax decrease from Obama. He was protesting the fact that taxes will be raised to a level slightly lower than it was under Reagan on people likely much wealthier than him. The money from the taxes will, of course, go towards paying for infrastructure, education, defense, etc. Is the stimulus and budget going to raise the deficit? Yes. But we are now in a bad situation with no good solutions. Only varying shades of bad. It will get better eventually, and it seems possible that Obama’s solution will shorten the wait.

On top of the utterly ridiculous tea party, we have the governor of Texas making not exactly veiled threats to secede. That would be interesting. Let me know how that goes Perry. Last I recall, it didn’t go so smoothly.

Now on one of the Daily Show clips I saw earlier, one of the protesters was holding up a sign showing Obama as Hitler. This was something I’ve seen started during the campaign in fact. Last week or so, I was sent a right wing chain mail warning people about the media’s “love affair” with Obama. Then ended with the quote “What good fortune for those in power that people do not think. ” by Hitler. Are right wing conservatives so devoid of ideas that they’ve got to drag out the old and tired Hitler cliche? Nosing around, I found a youtube video that purports to demonstrate how Obama is like Hitler. Go ahead and watch. I’ll wait.

Done? O.K. The main argument of the video seems to be that Hitler was popular and spoke at big rallies. Obama is popular and speaks at big political rallies. Therefore, Obama is Hitler. It’s kind of baby play, but I type fast so let’s break this down. Abstract it out.
Statement 1: X is P and Q.
Statement 2: Y is P and Q.
Conclusion: X is Y.
Let’s try it out for fun, and stick with the Hitler theme.
Paul McCartney is popular and a vegetarian.
Hitler was popular and a vegetarian.
Paul McCartney is Hitler.
Wow! Who knew?

Except last I checked Paul McCartney is not trying to invade Poland (at least not militarily; I’m not sure what his concert schedule is after Coachella.). Obama is not blaming a specific race of people for our current economic woes and advocating rounding them up into ghettos. Nor does he seem geared up to invade Mexico or Canada. Perhaps the main argument is that Obama doesn’t stumble all over his words like somebody else. Not mentioning any names. Is it now fair game for any articulate speaker to be likened to Hitler?

Now, Obama, along with rest of us, is a descendant from a primate from long ago. In other words, he is human. He is not perfect, and in fact, has a made a few decisions I’ve not agreed with. Going forward, I’m sure he’ll favor decisions that require more debate and modification. But it looks as though the conservatives* have nothing further to contribute to the debate. So, a message to all the conservatives out there. If you ever decide you can actually have a serious adult conversation, we’ll be over here fixing problems. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to regard you as the Silly Party.

*There may be a few good folks left here. For example, Schwarzenegger, although I don’t agree with him on a lot, has not been totally bad and seems somewhat amenable to reason and evidence now and then. Maybe the few sensible ones left should go off and form their own party.


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2 Responses to “The silly party”

  1. anne_sk Says:

    1. Do not sully the ministry of silly walks with a tea bag association.

    2. Conservatives and Republicans are not necessarily the same thing. There is overlap, but they are not identical. (Don’t make me draw a venn diagram.) Schwarzenegger isn’t a conservative, merely a Republican and an idiot. (Those two items also overlap, but are not identical.)

    3. You actually made me laugh.

  2. liquidthinker Says:

    Hi Anne_sk,

    On point 3, I am glad.
    On point 2, true, but there is considerable overlap. There are the fiscally conservative Republicans (who seem to be more quiet) and the socially conservative Republicans. There are even a few more moderate Republicans, to which I weakly inferred, who seem to be lost in the noise. There are even conservative Democrats, but they don’t seem to be opening themselves up as much for mockery.
    On point 1: Point taken.

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