Catching up

An unexpected hiatus there for a bit, but I’ll see what I can do about catching up. So, what is the state of the world these days?

Well, there was a bit of flak about Carrie Prejan, the Miss California story. As you readers probably know, she stated that she thought marriage should be between a man and a woman, and hoped that wouldn’t cause offense. Then she got in trouble because of a little bit of breast exposure that happened previously. Big deal. Talk about misplaced priorities. She is in favor of restricting the rights of others, but gets in trouble for having slightly more of the human body exposed? She probably shouldn’t have got in trouble for her wrong headed bigoted views either. She simply said what she thought and I’m not in favor of having a thought police state. But folks, she is a senior at a small San Diego Christian community college who studied to be a special education teacher. What does any does any of it matter? She is not the person to go to for an in depth discussion about societal freedoms and contracts. I see a very small teapot with a tempest in it.

There’s the Obama thing at ASU. They withheld an honorary doctorate stating that “his body of work is yet to come”. That does contradict past honorees, but o.k. I admit, I’m not really a big fan of the whole honorary doctorate deal anyway. All I really wanted to say here is that all those at ASU who received a real doctorate also have their body of work yet to come. There’s also the speech at Notre Dame. Apparently some, but not all people, just can’t seem to look past the abortion issue. Look, you have a chance to see a historical sitting president live. Enjoy. I’m sure there are also several law professors at Notre Dame who recognize Roe v. Wade as established precedent. You are not going to agree with everyone on everything.

Let’s see, we also have the Pelosi tortue story. Unless there is a recording somewhere, we’ll probably never know exactly for sure what was said, although her story is consistent Graham’s. Although I am a registered Democrat, I’m not really a big fan of Pelosi. To me she seems somewhat dogmatic and doesn’t think too well on her feet. I probably would have voted for another Democrat if I lived in her district (or perhaps even a Republican if one seemed qualified that I liked). But let’s move on, can we? Some people are builders and some are destroyers. Instead of offering up constructive solutions, most Republicans these days seem to be bent on destructive take downs.



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