Waving at Google, etc.

After yet another unplanned hiatus from blogging (too crazed of a schedule), let’s see if I can get back on track. A few items going on in the news these days. Sadly, of course, the California Supreme Court decided to keep California backwards by denying marriage equality to a subset of people.

On a more positive note, Newsweek recently acknowledged that Oprah has been supporting charlatans, frauds, and, at best, highly questionable and possibly dangerous techniques. I’m sure if she thinks positively about it, the criticism will just go away, as that is her secret after all.

But in the best news (well, putting on my developer’s hat anyway), Google was just talking about the
Google Wave, an instant messaging, emailing, photo album building, document creating, bug tracking (one of the gadget extensions anyway), ad infinitum, shiny new tool with an API for developers to write applications for. The only thing it doesn’t seem to do is brew beer yet, but I’m sure somebody will be working on that. The actual launch date is still a bit out, and perhaps they did this to steal a little wind from Microsoft, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. A very cool tool tool; check it out.


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