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Harvesting cash

December 17, 2009

Seeing so many of these “Harvest” bumper stickers everwhere, I felt obliged to to comment on a particular story. Apparently, demons are responsible for taking money away from charlatan, conman, preacher, Rod Parsley of the World Harvest Church. So, he is asking for a little help.

The headline of the appeal for donations reads: “Will you help me take back what the devil stole?”

He really needs help.

When asked to comment yesterday, Parsley’s World Harvest Church issued a statement saying the recession caused a decline in member giving in 2009, which has led to a fourth-quarter deficit of $3 million despite a 30 percent reduction in the budget.

That’s quite a deficit. Wait, also we have:

This year, the church settled for $3.1 million with a family whose son was spanked at its day-care center in 2006, to the point his buttocks and legs were covered with welts and abrasions.

The boy, then 2, said he was spanked with a “knife” by a substitute teacher. His parents, Michael and Lacey Faieta, believe it was a ruler.

Clearly nothing suspicious going on there. That nasty demonic recession has had effects not even I could have forseen.

Not dead yet!

December 2, 2009

After an unplanned stressed out recession-induced blogging hiatus, I’m back. More or less. Certainly a lot has been going on, and most of it I haven’t been able to keep with lately.

However, there certainly has been a few news items I’ve been unable to run away from. It seems a certain golfer, while backing out of his driveway backed his vehicle into some obstacle on his property. Aside from this golfer and his family, who cares?. Mrs. LiquidThinker just a wreck herself not too long ago where somebody backed into her vehicle. It is a standard everyday thing that happens to almost everybody. Insurance eventually took care of it and the media was not alerted. But we are ceaselessly bombarded with endless news about Tiger backing into a mailbox or whatever. The news media is just pissing me off and I keep having to turn it off. Is there really nothing else of import happening on this planet? Really? No link to that story is provided here, as you are probably as sick of it as I am.

But, yes, there is other news. The other news item concerns one Sarah “Quitter” Palin. She is taking full advantage of the opportunity to cash out selling her very quickly ghost-written hack book. When golfers crashing into mailboxes is not being lambasted from every news source, we get painfully pummeled with Palin. Why anyone any longer gives a flip about this empty-headed, narcissistic, walking right-wing sound-bite is beyond me.

Oh yeah, and apparently we’re sending 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.